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These are a few of the facts about the North Carolina death penalty today:

North Carolina has the fourth largest death row in the nation, with 139 men and women. Most of the people awaiting the death penalty today were tried more than fifteen years ago, under outdated laws that failed to ensure fair trials. [Read more about Unequal Justice.]

While North Carolina still has the death penalty on the books, the state hasn’t carried out an execution since 2006 due to legal concerns about racial bias and the state’s cruel and unusual lethal injection protocol.

There are now only a handful of death penalty trials each year, and North Carolina juries very rarely vote for death sentences. Yet, North Carolina continues to spend millions of dollars a year on capital punishment.

NCCADP believes that ending the death penalty is a key part of the broader work for criminal justice reform in North Carolina. So long as death is on the table, the system will remain skewed toward cruelty — and hope for meaningful, humane reform will fall short.

Get all the facts on the NC death penalty here.

Last updated: 9.25.2020