Carolina Justice Policy Center

We empower North Carolinians to create effective, equitable and humane solutions to criminal justice problems.

For the past 40 years, the Carolina Justice Policy Center has worked on a wide range of policy issues including sentencing reform, developing and improving community-based corrections programs, law enforcement accountability, and addressing critical problems in the use of the death penalty.

We take a multi-faceted approach to carrying out our mission, using various means to remain responsive to the most pressing needs of justice-involved individuals.

Through public education, we keep the community informed on issues unfolding in criminal justice. Using interactive community presentations, local news media, our blog, social media, and our bi-weekly newsletter, we provide the knowledge to empower community members to stand up for criminal justice reform. We use our mailing list to send action alerts to readers when opportunities arise to engage legislators on criminal justice issues.

Through direct legislative advocacy, we help to assure that elected officials are adequately informed about the plight of justice-involved individuals. We were proudly involved in the passage of the Racial Justice Act and successful efforts to raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction in North Carolina.

Through community organizing and coalition building, we unite with other organizations to effectuate solutions to criminal justice problems. We are active on several coalitions, including the North Carolina Coalition on Alternatives to the Death Penalty, the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, the State Reentry Council Collaborative, and the North Carolina Alliance on Women Re-entrants and their Children.

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