Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

We Sisters of Mercy believe in the inherent dignity of the person and a preferential option for the poor–that is, a call to create conditions for marginalized voices to be heard and the defenseless to be defended. You put those two things together, and how can we not demand an end to the death penalty? The poorest people, the most disenfranchised, they are the people on death row. –Sister Rose Marie.

Inspired by the Gospel and by the example of our founder Catherine McAuley, we Sisters of Mercy envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated. We commit to serving, advocating for and praying with those in need around the world.

We work passionately to reduce poverty, violence, and racism as well as the widespread denial of human rights, the degradation of Earth, the continued oppression of women, the abuse of children, the mistreatment of immigrants and the lack of solidarity among people and nations.

 We examine the root causes of these issues and promote systemic change in the communities in which we minister.

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