Capital Restorative Justice Project


We are Victims’ Advocates, Clergy, Concerned Citizens, Mothers, Fathers, Ex-Offenders, Capital Attorneys, Mitigation Specialists, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Activists, and People of Faith who actively promote healing and understanding while seeking an alternative to violence.


In December 2002, Ernest Basden was executed by the State of NC during the infamous ice storm that caused NC to declare a state of emergency. A few days later, Desmond Carter was executed. Both men had families who loved them, strong community support, and dedicated legal teams. One lawyer of Mr. Basden–who had at that time seen three clients executed and who is married to a family member of a murder victim–and Mr. Basden’s family committed themselves to creating good out of their pain.

Desiring to comprehensively address their needs, a group of those affected by murder and executions came together in 2003 to discuss how to address their pain and the pain of hundreds of others in similar circumstances.


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