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Last updated: 3.14.2019


With 141 men and women, North Carlina has the fifth largest death row in the nation. Most of the people on our state’s death row were tried more than fifteen years ago, under vastly different laws than what we rely upon today.

Notably, North Carolina hasn’t executed anyone since 2006 due to legal concerns about the system’s fairness.

There are now only a handful of capital trials each year, and North Carolina jurors have sentenced only two new people to death since 2014; yet, North Carolina continues to spend millions of dollars a year on capital punishment.

As we’re examining our criminal legal systems and reconsidering what is necessary to make our systems just, the North Carolina Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty believes that abolishing capital punishment is a necessary first step. So long as death is on the table, our concepts of consequences will remain distorted and hope for meaningful, humane reform will fall short.


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