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ACLU Capital Punishment Project

Partnering with ACLU affiliates in death penalty states and with coalition partners nationally, CPP promotes both abolition and systemic reform of the death penalty process in the following ways: Direct Representation: CPP takes on direct representation in cases that exemplify the inherent unfairness in capital cases. We work primarily in the courts of the South, in states that have historically been discriminatory or reluctant to provide adequate resources for indigent clients facing the death penalty. Strategic Litigation: CPP is currently … Read More

ACLU of North Carolina

The ACLU of North Carolina is working with communities across North Carolina to stop racially biased policing and dramatically shift our broken criminal justice system so that law enforcement is accountable and transparent, fewer people are wrongfully arrested and incarcerated, and when someone does end up in jail or prison, they are treated with respect and given an opportunity to successfully return to their communities. We are also working to end the death penalty and solitary confinement, reform the use … Read More

Capital Restorative Justice Project

WHO WE ARE We are Victims’ Advocates, Clergy, Concerned Citizens, Mothers, Fathers, Ex-Offenders, Capital Attorneys, Mitigation Specialists, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Activists, and People of Faith who actively promote healing and understanding while seeking an alternative to violence. OUR HISTORY In December 2002, Ernest Basden was executed by the State of NC during the infamous ice storm that caused NC to declare a state of emergency. A few days later, Desmond Carter was executed. Both men had families who loved them, … Read More

Carolina Justice Policy Center

We empower North Carolinians to create effective, equitable and humane solutions to criminal justice problems. For the past 40 years, the Carolina Justice Policy Center has worked on a wide range of policy issues including sentencing reform, developing and improving community-based corrections programs, law enforcement accountability, and addressing critical problems in the use of the death penalty. We take a multi-faceted approach to carrying out our mission, using various means to remain responsive to the most pressing needs of justice-involved … Read More

Catholic Mobilizing Network

Catholic Mobilizing Network is a national organization working in close collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and living the mission of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Through education, advocacy, and prayer, Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) proclaims the Church’s pro-life teaching and prepares Catholics for informed involvement in the public debate to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. CMN creates and distributes educational materials about the Church’s pro-life teachings regarding the death penalty and restorative … Read More

Center for Death Penalty Litigation

CDPL is a non-profit law firm that provides direct representation to people on death row, as well as consulting with and training attorneys who practice capital litigation across the state. CDPL’s commitment to representing indigent and disadvantaged defendants just as vigorously as corporate lawyers defend their highest-paying clients has saved the lives of many who faced execution. Over the last several decades, CDPL has successfully halted dozens of wrongful executions, helped free innocent people from death row, and secured life … Read More

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a network of political and social conservatives who question the alignment of capital punishment with conservative principles and values. We are a project of Equal Justice USA, a national organization working to transform the justice system by promoting responses to violence that break cycles of trauma. The mounting evidence of waste, inaccuracy, and bias has shattered public confidence in the criminal justice system. Death sentences are at an all-time low, and public support … Read More

Criminal Justice Awareness and Action @ UNC Chapel Hill

Criminal Justice Awareness and Action (CJAA) is a student-run organization at UNC Chapel Hill which works to bring critical community attention to the problems plaguing the criminal justice system. CJAA volunteers and organizes with various partners including the Durham County Youth Home, a local juvenile detention center, and leads activist efforts on campus and in the larger community. Recognizing the criminal justice system as central to the consolidation and concentration of oppressive power, CJAA focuses on systemic and structural issues such as … Read More

Emancipate NC

Emancipate NC was founded on the knowledge that mass incarceration and structural racism harm all of us. Prison is state-sponsored violence. We are all complicit in its harms. As an organization, we are dedicated to shifting the narrative on racialized mass incarceration through community education and mobilization. The mainstream narrative that criminalizes Black and Brown people must be transformed—so that we can all get free. Emancipate NC is a project of the Carolina Justice Policy Center; the focus areas include … Read More

Gaston Coalition for a Moratorium Now

The Gaston Coalition for a Moratorium Now is a group of community volunteers who take local action to end the death penalty in North Carolina.

Hidden Voices

Our Collective: Hidden Voices is a radically inclusive, participatory, and co-creative collective committed to creating just, compassionate, and sustainable relationships. This network of relationships connects communities across difference and provides pathways for global change. Our Vision and Values: All lives have meaning. All stories matter. At Hidden Voices our mission is to challenge, strengthen, and connect our diverse communities through the transformative power of the individual voice. Our Work:  Encourages deep listening; expansive dialogue, and inspired action.  Since 2003, Hidden Voices has collaborated with underrepresented communities to … Read More

National Association of Social Workers – North Carolina

The National Association of Social Workers North Carolina Chapter (NASW-NC) is a membership organization devoted to the social work profession. NASW-NC promotes, develops, and protects the practice of social work and social workers. NASW-NC also seeks to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through its advocacy. Capital punishment and the death penalty undermine the ability of professional social workers working within the criminal justice system to enhance a client’s capacity and opportunity for ongoing change. NASW-NC believes in … Read More

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

We Sisters of Mercy believe in the inherent dignity of the person and a preferential option for the poor–that is, a call to create conditions for marginalized voices to be heard and the defenseless to be defended. You put those two things together, and how can we not demand an end to the death penalty? The poorest people, the most disenfranchised, they are the people on death row. –Sister Rose Marie. Inspired by the Gospel and by the example of our founder … Read More

Southern Coalition for Social Justice

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in August 2007 in Durham, North Carolina by a multidisciplinary group, predominantly people of color, who believe that families and communities engaged in social justice struggles need a team of lawyers, social scientists, community organizers and media specialists to support them in their efforts to dismantle structural racism and oppression. The Southern Coalition for Social Justice partners with communities of color and economically disadvantaged communities in the south … Read More

The North Carolina Council of Churches

The North Carolina Council of Churches was founded in 1935.  We are a statewide ecumenical organization promoting Christian unity and working towards a more just society. We are comprised of 26 distinct judicatories from 18 denominations. Across the state, our members have over 6,200 congregations with about 1.5 million congregants. The Council enables denominations, congregations, and people of faith to individually and collectively impact our state on issues such as economic justice and development, human well-being, equality, compassion, and peace, following … Read More