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  • Another innocent released from N.C. prison

    Willie Womble

    Yet another innocent man is exonerated after more than three decades in prison for murder. How many will it take before our state accepts that systemic changes are needed? And that the death penalty is unconscionable in a system that cannot even convict the right people?

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  • With executions stalled, N.C. murder rate falls

    Police Photo

    Nationally, many studies have shown that the death penalty does nothing to deter crime. But the best evidence in North Carolina is the fact that our state has gotten safer since we stopped using the death penalty. Since 2007, when N.C. stopped executing prisoners, the murder rate has gone steadily down.

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Current Status of North Carolina’s Death Penalty

More than 150 people are housed on North Carolina’s death row. However, no one has been executed since 2006, when concerns about the state’s lethal injection procedure led to an effective moratorium. Since then, three innocent men have been released from death row, the State Bureau of Investigation admitted to falsifying and omitting evidence in dozens of trials, and a judge found evidence of statewide racial bias in the use of the death penalty. Despite these revelations, the state legislature recently passed legislation designed to restart executions and end pending claims of racial bias.

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