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  • Gov. McCrory: On executions bill, a veto isn’t enough

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    Lawmakers have mounted an effort to resume executions while failing to enact a single reform in response to the exoneration of N.C.’s longest-serving death row inmate, Henry McCollum, who was wrongly imprisoned for 30 years. Gov. McCrory should not only refuse to sign this bill. He should call an official moratorium on executions until we figure out how many more innocent people still sit on death row.

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  • The evolution of a conservative crusader

    (Image from WRAL.com) I. Beverly Lake’s inspiring transformation into a champion of criminal justice reform.

    Justice I. Beverly Lake crossed ideological lines to protect the innocent — and was willing to alienate part of his base to do what was right. Contrast this with the legacy our legislature is building: In the 11 months since the exoneration of N.C.’s longest-serving death row inmate, lawmakers have not taken a single action that would help determine whether there are more innocent people on death row.

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Current Status of North Carolina’s Death Penalty

149 people are on North Carolina’s death row. However, no one has been executed since 2006, when concerns about the state’s lethal injection procedure led to an effective moratorium. Since then, four innocent men have been released from death row, the State Bureau of Investigation admitted to falsifying evidence in dozens of trials, and a judge found evidence of statewide racial bias in the use of the death penalty. Due to pending litigation about racial bias and lethal injection, executions remain on hold indefinitely.

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