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  • The next “right thing” for McCrory: Halt executions

    Henry McCollum in Sept. 2014, moments after a judge declared him innocent. Photo by Jenny Warburg

    McCrory said it was “the right thing to do” when he pardoned Henry McCollum and Leon Brown in early June. Now, we hope he will do the next right thing: Think about how many other innocent people might still be sitting on death row. Our governor has the power to ensure that an innocent person will not be executed in North Carolina. Using that power would show that McCollum and Brown didn’t give up three decades of their lives for nothing.

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Current Status of North Carolina’s Death Penalty

149 people are on North Carolina’s death row. However, no one has been executed since 2006, when concerns about the state’s lethal injection procedure led to an effective moratorium. Since then, four innocent men have been released from death row, the State Bureau of Investigation admitted to falsifying evidence in dozens of trials, and a judge found evidence of statewide racial bias in the use of the death penalty. Due to pending litigation about racial bias and lethal injection, executions remain on hold indefinitely.

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